The folks at the Sabinci Planetarium at the Sazova Science and Culture Park in Eskisehir, Turkey, added the fulldome film ‘Life of Trees’ to its program on December 1st 2015 in a license facilitated by Tilted Entertainment. The beautifully produced animated film shows the importance of plants for life on earth, how trees grow, how they transport water against gravity to the top of the crown, and enabled diverse life on earth by producing oxygen.

The planetarium film, produced by softmachine, is also available in flatscreen and 3D versions. For more information on the film click here.

Languages available include Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (México), Swedish, Turkish

For more information on the Sabanci Planetarium, click here.

Image credit to Sazova Science and Culture Park.