Working with Electrosonic, we have been consulting the management and programming team at the Fakieh Leisure Group in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Al Shallal Theme Park, situated on the Red Sea coast in Jeddah, is owned by the Fakieh Group and will soon become home to a brand new digital planetarium with 3D insert capabilities.

Works to date have included detailed evaluation of what the new theatre and its audiences need, obtaining license proposals and previews for the client, working with Spitz Inc. to translate some of the films into Arabic, and initiating a custom film and pre-show media project to be ready for the launch of the new attraction.

The program line-up includes the following shows:

  • Fly me to the Moon 3D – nWave Pictures
  • SpacePark 360 – Dome3D
  • Supervolcanoes – DMNS / Spitz
  • Astronaut – NSC Creative
  • Back to the Moon for Good – NSC Creative / Google Lunar XPrize
  • Zula Patrol: Under the Weather – Spitz
  • Stars – NSC Creative / Sudekum Planetarium
  • Ultimate Universe – Clark Planetarium

The new planetarium is set to open in Spring this year – check our blog regularly for updates and previews of the new custom content.